Map Advertisers

We've added this page as a portal to support online payment for advertising on our annual club map.  Please note the following:

1.  $20 Dot Advertisement - The Dot Ad shows up as a numerical point on the front of the map.  The name of your company is shown in the corresponding table adjacent to the map.  If you are purchasing a space advertisement on the back of our map, a Dot Ad is included in the cost of the space advertisement - you do not need to purchase this also.

2.  $50 Space Advertisement - We charge $50 for each space on the back of our map.  

    a. If your space advertisement covers one space, select "$50 One Space Advertisement".   

    b. If your space advertisement covers two spaces, select "$100 Two Space Advertisement".  

    c. And, If your space advertisement covers three spaces, select "$150 Three Space Advertisement".

                                Map Advertising Options:

We Thank you for supporting our club and trail system.